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If you force tulips or if you want to force tulips, and you need bulbs you’re at the right place

Introduction. The assortment. Forcing techniques. Preparation/Temperature treatment.


J.W.J. Munster Export, exports bulbs from Holland to every country in the world you like. If you want to do business with us, we can:

  • give you advise about tulip-forcing and other aspects of the tulip.
  • offer you the biggest part of the tulip-assortment. Name the tulip you want and it’s a great change we can get it for you.

We export tulip bulbs in a very open way. We have good direct relations with a lot of growers, where we buy the bulbs from, which we don’t grow ourself.
This direct relation has the advantage that we know exactly what has is happening with the bulbs, so we can control the quality. Another advantage of the direct relation is that we can offer bulbs for a very sharp price.
Because we have a lot of experience and knowledge about tulip-bulbs, we can provide good information about:

  • The assortment
  • Forcing techniques
  • Temperature treatments

we also grow and force tulips ourself.

If you become a business relation, we will give you all the advise you need to force tulips in the right way.

The assortment.(top)

Which varieties you have to use, depends on many things. It depends on the tulip types you need. Some markets want big tulips and some markets want smaller tulips.
Another aspect is the flowering time. Some varieties flower early and some flower late.
Other aspects are:

  • Color of the tulip
  • Cutflower or pot flower
  • Climate

Forcing techniques.(top)

There are a lot of different forcing techniques. Depending on the climate in your country and the availability of greenhouses and cooling rooms, you can choose a suitable system. Each system has advantages and disadvantages. The most used systems are:

  • Forcing in boxes with potting compost (9C)
  • Forcing in the soil (5C)
  • Forcing in boxes with water (9C)

Preparation/Temperature treatment.(top)

The tulip-bulbs need a preparation period on several different temperatures before they can flower. It is possible to give the preparation in one of my stores but it is also possible in your stores. The temperature you have to give is also depending on the forcing technique you’re going to use.